When you can say you are in Love

2 min readMay 10, 2017


When you visit random places and secretly wish for him/her to bump into you.

When even the tiny little vibrations emerging out of his/her voice comforts the person inside you in a funny way.

When you’re doing random stuff around them and imagine him/her to be staring at you from a distance.

When the warmth of his/her embrace travels through your body right into your soul and melts away every solidified emotion that you’ve been holding inside you since a long time.

When you’re running out of topics to talk about but still don’t want to hang up.

When it makes you insanely happy every time he/she calls you by your name.

When you wake up in the middle of the night and smile in your sleep like a complete idiot thinking of something that he/she said earlier that day.

When your phone’s gallery is filled with his/her lame but cute pictures.

When you start watching movies, playing games, listening to the kind of music that he/she is a fan of.

When the perfume/deodorant that he/she wears becomes your absolute favorite.

When you take it as a responsibility to make him/her laugh whenever they’re with you.

When you wake up with him/her already in your mind and the first thing you do is smile.

When it’s a complete delight to watch him/her fall asleep peacefully beside you.

When he/she looks cute even if he/she is literally drenched in their own sweat.

When you do a lot of inexpiable dumb shit just for him/her without the fear of being judged by others.

When you discover this brand new side of yourself since he/she entered your life and basically fall in love with the person that you’ve become.

When your fingers entwine perfectly as you hold hands with him/her and it makes you feel as if your souls are hugging each other.

When he/she was in your mind the whole time you were reading this story. (LOL I am laughing )

When you read random stories such as this and convince yourself that you’re indeed in love, totally unaware of the fact that these feelings hold the potential of destroying you emotionally when it all comes to an end.

When finally, you’re emotionally ready to give up that one last slice of pizza or last piece of cake for another human being.